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When you spill tea all over your foot because of cute seedlings

You know that excitement of seeing new tiny life emerge from the soil, poking its little cotelydon'd head through the harsh grains and into the warm light? And then likely some baby-talk to the seedlings, because they are SO CUTE!

Well right now is Fall Seedling time, starting a multitude of native species indoors to keep them safe from hungry critters outside & give them a leg-up on cool fall establishment. You can imagine my window sills and patio are quite full of these little ones, under grow lights, on patio chairs, under plastic domes away from curious squirrels. Squirrels....

And several times a day I peep my lil babies and sometimes just stare excitedly and likely creepily too long. That is how I spilled hot delicious tea all over my own foot Monday morning before sitting down, now a tag soggy with less to sip on, to talk gardening with some new candidates. Mondays! Right? Foiled by my own obsession with plants before talking about other's plant obsessions.

Worth it!

New tradition- pour a little tea out for the future homies to honor their growth.

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