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"The single raindrop never feels responsible for the flood."

- Douglas Adams (supposedly)


Making a better ecosystem starts with the individual.  Below are links to pages that collect various online tools, sites, handbooks and ecological information on ways to improve your own interaction with the broader ecosystem around you.

Image by Андрей Курган

Links and information for landowners looking to improve their property's habitat

Garden Pond

Tips and tools for smaller scale improvements to boost your landscape impact

Mother and Daughter Love

How to improve you impact around the home via smaller actions & choices

My Name is

You know you're a botanist when....

Ever wondered if you are more plant obsessed than "normal"?  I have a few hints for you.  Feel free to share yours.  Or have you done something similar? Not yet?

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Need like-minded phytophiles to build up your personal ecosystem?  There are outlets & support groups in the form of local garden clubs, seed & plant groups, and volunteer opportunities where you'll find us. I recommend starting with your native plant society, farmer's market, and state fair (note the agriculture section!) as well as finding any social medias you are interested in.  I've also been known to linger at nurseries....

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