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When there's plants in your sock drawer

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

You know that 'adult thing' where you like slipping on a fresh new pair of socks? It's like a cozy snuggle for each foot. It's a thing. There I am craving some warmth for my toesies on a chilly February day, open up my trusty sock drawer and want a small pair, so I pluck one out.

And to my surprise there's an extra addition. Not a bug (I try very hard to keep home critter-free) thankfully. I do have plant-socks, fungi socks, and even dinosaur socks, but this is new.

Fuzz ball on an epic level there? Nope.

Spoiler- it's a chuck of lichen.

How can lichen grow on your sock that fast, in the darkness of a drawer?? Not what happened though that would be a revolutionary scientific discovery. So why is there lichen on my sock when it is put-away in the drawer?

Here's what I figure- I had worn those socks a little while ago for a short time and picked up the passenger probably from walking by the entryway where it got tracked in. I didn't notice and put them away in the drawer again with more use still in them (because I'm an adult who doesn't waste water in laundry). This was a first for my random plant discoveries. That is one of the small Usnea species, fyi. They are clingy.

Life as a plant nerd:

Sometimes there's lichen in your sock drawer. Moss in the pockets, leaves in your hair, mud on your ear. It's a funny life. Pretty sure it's not just me...


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