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I'm a plant ecologist, thorough nerd, writer and artist.

Folks call me Ivy.  I knew from childhood I wanted to be a scientist and got my BS in Plant Biology where I discovered a passion for Ecological Restoration, so I a Masters in that, focusing on rare species.  I've studied various aspects of plant biology and explored several roles in ecology as well as some pharmacological plant chemistry, ranging from the south to current home in the Pacific Northwest. 

With Natural Coalescence, I want to take others on journeys with me into the inner lives of plants and their habitats, and sample some as trails snacks along the way.  I will try to keep the fruitful engagement with plants from going extinct, as I've known for many years that The Botanist is an endangered role.  Help save the botanists!

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Ivy Clark, Natural Coalescence WA botanist
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Publications (aka- street cred)


Live Poets Society of NJ: American High School Poets  

   - 2 volumes

Masters Thesis


Hybridization potential between endangered and locally common species in the same genus

Multiple professional documents and reports for grant or research partners



Multiple articles for Prairie Appreciation Day Blog, through the Friends of Puget Prairies


Poetry style article for Salish Magazine

Castilleja hispida pollinator, castilleja research
Castilleja levisecta, golden paintbrush population
Prairie ecological restoration botanist
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