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Natural Coalescence by Ivy


Tales & insight from a plant ecologist, taping into the lives of plants, with sexy plant stories, nerdy botany hacks, and ecological entertainment.


Tales from the sultry side of plants, see through their eyes how they do what they do


Edible spreadable delectable plants and their products


Sometimes plants do the darnedest things, and we can figure out tricks behind them

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Want to get your own hands in the soil? Change your landscaping for better botanizing? Support wildlife on your larger acreage?  Or just do little things around the house to be a greener (leaner) citizen?  I've got some online tools to bison-up your nerding tool-box.

Hardware Tools

Not feeling "planty" enough?
Need a vitamin N nerd-boost?
Or have you been breaking coffee mugs lately & need to "cup-back" to tea?  
- I have some things you may want.... in the "store".

Support fellow nerds and artists and even their moms!

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Patron Perks

If you just can't get enough, or like the stories but could skip the whole "reading" part, signing up to support Natural Coalescence on Patreon comes with some fun perks.  I audio version of special stories, ready by the author. With flare. And with many thanks for your support.  Naturally.

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