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When you have to wait in line to bathe

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Sometimes we come home with little bits of the natural world to treasure longer- a conifer cone, a fallen leaf, etc. Sometimes we got out specifically to collect a whole bag full of colorful fall leaves. I'm sure the passers by thought my carrying a bag and plucking leaves from the sidewalk grassy strip to put in it. At least I was subtle enough to not have anyone pull over.

{ "They're for work, I swear." }

And then ya get home to do what? Scatter them about, make a wreath? Well 1st step is to give them a bath, of course. Because these need to be clean for the project we have in mind. Also no slugs.

So at one point my bathtub was full of collected fall leaves, getting a nice warm spa day. Think that's mild? Don't forget they need to dry out after, so what else to do than to spread them out on some towels all over the floor. It was kind of like the old "painting yourself into a corner" adage but in reverse. I had leafed myself out of my own bathroom. Couldn't really get in without stepping on these precious specimens picked off the ground along the road.

And I suddenly had to pee.

That was the first time I knew- "Yep, you may be a little too in love with plants."

Have your plant adventures ever kept you out of your own bathroom? Do tell!

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